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Camping Ardèche » Enjoy a campsite in the Ardèche with a water park for your holiday!

Enjoy a campsite in the Ardèche with a water park for your holiday!

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    For an unforgettable family holiday, you’re right in choosing a campsite with water park! Under the Ardèche sun, the whole family will enjoy their long-awaited camping holiday like never before! When you stay at our dream campsite in the Ardèche, you can enjoy our modern and comfortable mobile homes of course, but we are convinced that you will mostly spend time by the pool. And you are right to do so! Our family-friendly campsite has a beautiful pool area that it would be a shame not to take advantage of!

    At Le Pommier, a 5-star campsite with water park in the Ardèche, guests can enjoy the open air, their mobile home for a quiet break and the campsite swimming pool for fun, swimming and thrills on the many slides.

    Campsite with 3 swimming pools to enjoy the Ardèche sun with your family

    Our campsite has 3 pools for guests of all ages. Enjoy swimming with the whole family for a refreshing holiday at a campsite with water park near the Ardèche Gorges! Even the chilliest person will love our 2 heated swimming pools!

    3 pools for even more swimming!

    • Tropicana swimming pool
    • Sportive swimming pool
    • Pirate swimming pool

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    • 166 Camping Ardeche Ciela Village Pommier Parc Aquatique
    • 158 Camping Ardeche Ciela Village Pommier Parc Aquatique

    The Tropicana swimming pool

    The Tropicana pool with its tropical shapes is a true playground for children!

    It includes a paddling pool for tiny tots with a clown and snake that spout water. It is between 0 and 20 cm deep so your children can paddle, jump and splash around in complete safety!

    Another pool awaits you with a depth of 0 to 1.6 metres with 2 cascades, a jacuzzi, water games, 2 slides for children and a rapids feature where you can bathe or let yourself be swept along with the water.

    The Sportive Swimming Pool

    A real swimming pool for water sports fans, with heated water as soon as the campsite opens.

    There’s also plenty of space for swimming enthusiasts, with a large pool for lengths during off-peak hours, and swimming lanes during the first hour of opening.

    Dimensions: 25 metres by 12.5 metres.

    The Pirate Swimming Pool

    An heated adventure pool as soon as the campsite opens, with a life-size pirate ship with water cannons, tilting water buckets, slides and water spouting from every direction!

    Board the ship from the jetty but watch out for the enormous tilting water bucket that contains 300 litres of water!

    Around our pools, different types of sun beds are provided free-of-charge so you can relax and unwind…

    Camping with 12 slides for a sensational holiday in Ardèche !

    12 water slides to keep on sliding!

    • Multihill- Anaconda slide
    • Hillracer-Superanaconda-Viper slide
    • Halfpipe Slide
    • Turbo Cyclone Slide
    • Aqualoop Slide
    • Family Slide

    • Multihill Anaconda

      Multihill Anaconda

    • Hillracer Superanaconda Viper

      Hillracer Superanaconda Viper

    • Halfpipe


    • Turbo Cyclone

       Turbo Cyclone

    • Toboggan Aqualoop


    • Family Slide

      Family Slide

    Le Pommier, campsite with pools and water slides in the Ardèche, has no less than 12 water slides for a good dose of adrenaline! Try all the water slides and you are guaranteed an unforgettable and successful holiday!

    The Multihill- Anaconda slide

    Challenge your friends: have a race and prepare yourself for theHillracer-Superanaconda-Viper slide!

    The Hillracer-Superanaconda-Viper slide

    Height: 7.5 metres, 67 metres long. If you’re brave enough, thrills guaranteed! Slide 67 metres down this winding super slide.

    Compete side by side, even faster than the Multihill.

    The Halfpipe Slide

    A slide for ultimate thrills! The Halfpipe has been designed to give you an adrenaline rush like no other.

    Throw yourself onto the inflatable ring 15 metres off the ground, then set off backwards and zig-zag your way to the end of this unforgettable journey.

    Only for the bravest among you!

    The Turbo Cyclone Slide

    You go down in an inflatable ring through a 60-metre long tunnel with light effects and enter into the eye of the Hurricane (15 meters in diameter) only to end up in a black hole!!!

    A magical experience not to be missed!

    Aqualoop Slide

    After taking your position in a pod worthy of a missile! The hatch opens under your feet…

    You free fall at over 60km/hour…only for the most daring among you!

    So, are you brave enough?

    The Family Slide

    This slide is for unforgettable memories with your family or friends.

    Set off in a 4-man inflatable, but make sure you’re not the one facing backwards and laugh all the way down enjoying the scenery as it flashes before your eyes.

    Amenities throughout the pool area at our Villeneuve-de-Berg campsite

    Shops in the water park?  No way!

    Pirate Bay

    • Pirate Bar
    • Pirate Snack
    • Souvenir shop

    • 248 Camping Ardeche Ciela Village Pommier Parc Aquatique
    • 166 Camping Ardeche Ciela Village Pommier Parc Aquatique
    • 158 Camping Ardeche Ciela Village Pommier Parc Aquatique
    • Halfpipe

    The Pirate Bay

    Apart from fun in the water, you can lounge on the sunny and shaded decks at the Pirate Bay, where you will find:

    The Pirate Bar

    A real “Watering hole” like being on the deck of a pirate ship! The Pirate Bar offers punchy cocktails, a large choice of drinks with or without alcohol for sharing fantastic times and enjoying the spectacular view over the entire water park and the plateau of Coiron… In addition, the snack bar at the Pirate pool serves ice-creams, cold drinks, crêpes and waffles for you to try…

    The pirate snack

    The kingdom of food: sandwiches and hot and cold meals, various fresh salads and fruit desserts as well as chocolate desserts for the food lovers among you.

    The souvenir shop

    Inside Pirate Bay you will find a souvenir shop with swimsuits, clothes, sunglasses, hats, water toys for children, decorative objects … for those who want to take home a little souvenir of the Ardèche!

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