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Camping Ardèche » Holiday in the Ardèche: what to see and do?

Holiday in the Ardèche: what to see and do?

Family-friendly activities in the Ardèche

Your stay at the 5-star Le Pommier campsite is the perfect opportunity to spend quality time your family! You have chosen an ideal destination: the Ardèche!  Change things up and strengthen your bonds with fun and exciting activities to be shared between young and old!

  • Forest of Senses

    Come and discover the Forest of Senses” in Villeneuve de Berg with its natural, historical, cultural and landscape heritage, through an educational trail over 2,100 metres.

  • Musée des arts et traditions populaires du pays de Berg

    Musée des arts et traditions populaires du pays de Berg a true trip through time to discover the traditions and knowledge that set the rhythm of life in the «Berg countryside».

  • Ferme Olivier de Serres (Farm) - Mirabel

    In Ferme Olivier de Serres (Farm) in Mirabel, discover agriculture inthe 16th century with the passingseasons through the writing of Olivierde Serres, an emblematic fi gure in the sphere of modern agriculture.

  • The educational farm – Lussas

    The educational farm – Lussas is  a must-see visit for your family holiday. Come visit a park where you can come in contact with nature: you can pet goats, llamas, sheep... and see many others like zebras, horses and pigs... Souvenirs, snacks and pony rides.

  • The Ibie Valley

    The Ibie Valley, which contains limestone rocks and vegetation, is named for L'Ibie, a 30-km stream that winds between Villeneuve-de-Berg and Vallon-Pont-d'Arc. Picturesque landscapes only 30 minutes from our campsite! You will love Le Trou de la Lune with the waterfall and clear pool, a little haven of peace in the wild, perfect for a refreshing stop under the Ardèche sun. The whole family can enjoy swimming and relaxing in the water!

    Once you have enjoyed a swim, take a small detour to the villages of Salelles, Saint-Maurice-d'Ibie and Lagorce. You will love their picturesque charm!

  • Dent de Rez

    The Dent de Rez massif extends over more than 3,000 hectares through the towns of Lagorce, Gras and Saint Maurice d’Ibie. Zone Natura 2000 in Lower Ardèche offers hikers an area rich in nature with biodiversity protected by the Management at the Ardèche Gorges (SGGA).


  • Château de Vogüé (Castle)

    Château de Vogüé has opened its doors so you can discover its architecture, rooms and hanging garden... More than a historic site, the château is also a place for cultural events.

  • Intermittent Fountain

    The Intermittent Fountain is one of the natural curiosities of the spa town of Vals les Bains. Every day, it attracts many visitors who are curious to discover its wonders. Located in the heart of the intermittent park and discovered in 1865 by Firmin Galimard, the geyser blows every six hours.

  • Devil’s Bridge

    Devil’s Bridge spans Ardèche’s narrow valley near the town of Thueyts. Built of primarily basalt, this arch has risen dozens of meters over the water for several centuries.

  • Mont Gerbier de Jonc

    Mont Gerbier de Jonc, an ancient volcano located on the Ardèche plains in the town of Sainte Eulalie, has a strange dome shape. This is the continuation of a volcanic structure called the Sucs. Mont Mézenc is another example of this. Mont Gerbier de Jonc is also famous for being the source of the longest river in France.

Sports in the Ardèche region

  • Ciela Village
  • Ciela Village
  • Ciela Village
  • Ciela Village

    The Ardèche is a favourite destination for holidaymakers who want to experience a sporting holiday! If you are not the type of person who likes to lounge around on a deckchair during your holiday and would rather enjoy time with your family to try out new experiences, then you have chosen the right region. The exceptional natural setting of this region is conducive to a variety of sporting activities. The whole family will find something to suit their tastes! For parents, it’s a unique opportunity to pass on their love of sport to their children, and for children, it’s a chance to try new adventures! But above all, it’s an opportunity to share good times together by discovering fun, original and amusing activities. On the programme: canoeing, canyoning, ropes course, climbing, via ferrata, cycling and mountain biking, caving, etc. Don’t miss out on this great breath of fresh air with your family during your stay at the 5-star Le Pommier campsite, whether you are a beginner or an experienced sportsman, there is something for everyone. In addition to a sporting holiday, it’s a great way to stay in shape!

    • Ropes course

      Do you want to get an adrenaline rush during your stay in the Ardèche? A unique experience with family or friends in an exceptional natural environment! 15 ropes courses for all levels with a variety of fun elements (monkey bridges, Tarzan swing, suspension bridges) and zip lines await you! You're in for an adrenaline-filled adventure! And for the more athletic among you, a Via Ferrata course is available for ages 14 and up. An exciting course that runs through a cave and over a river, all on giant zip lines to make the fun last even longer!

      The course is completely safe with a harness and team on the ground for advice and assistance if necessary.

    • ATVs

      Are you a fan of motor sports? And you want to take advantage of your stay in Southern Ardèche to discover the splendid landscapes of the region in an ATV?

      About ten kilometers from Aubenas, near the famous Ardèche Gorges, you can visit a family-run center on a 25-hectare property specially designed for all-terrain sports. With the help of passionate instructors, discover the Ardèche like never before, in complete safety!  

      On your own or with family or friends, you can choose the course that best suits your level. They have something for everyone!

    • Hiking

      To get away from it all and take a deep breath of fresh air in the middle of nature, there is nothing better than hiking! The Ardèche is an ideal region for hiking. You will find many trails and small paths to walk with your family or friends. Whether you are a seasoned hiker or a weekend warrior, you can choose your route based on your level and desires. The nature of the Ardèche region will dazzle and amaze you with exceptional sites such as the magnificent Ardèche Gorges. Discover the nature of the Ardèche and plant and animal life during your walks. Design your own walking tour in just a few clicks at the link below:

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