Frequently Asked Questions

The site

  • Is the campsite shady?

    More or less depending on the area. Our site is naturally located in the heart of a natural and wild environment surrounded by natural areas that we have chosen to preserve.

  • What is the topography of the campsite?

    The campsite is terraced. Le Domaine le Pommier is located in the heart of the Berg and Coiron hills in a natural and wild environment opening onto a splendid panoramic view. There are therefore some terraced areas and some flatter areas in the lower part of the campsite.

  • Who are the customers?

    At the Domaine le Pommier, you will mostly hear French, but also Dutch, German, English, Spanish, etc. Our campsite is very cosmopolitan just like out beautiful Department, one of the most popular tourist spots in France.

  • What methods of payment are available on the campsite?

    At reception, accepted methods of payment are: Cash, bank card, holiday vouchers. In all the other sales outlets (restaurants, shops, etc.): Cashless and bank card.

  • How does the cashless wristband work?

    The new payment method to make your stay easier. Faster, safer and easier - no need to carry change or debit cards around. Accepted everywhere, your cashless wristband is becoming the sole payment method on the Domaine le Pommier site.

    Step 1: Loading/Topping up

    I go to the campsite reception to collect my “Cashless wristband”. I take this opportunity to add the desired amount to my wristband. I can use it in all the sales outlets on the campsite.

    I can top it up using my bank card and cash at the campsite reception, and with my bank card at other top-up points (pool area, bar, Beer Bar).

    This is the only means of payment on the site; other methods can only be used to credit the wristband.

    NB: I keep the ticket showing the amount I credited to my wristband somewhere safe. I will need it if I lose the watch.

    Step 2: Cashless acceptance points

    Cashless is accepted throughout the Domaine site. No more coins in pockets and lost notes - I just need my cashless wristband on my wrist to spend anywhere on the site.

    Step 3: Losing the cashless wristband

    If I lose my wristband, I take the ticket issued when I credited the wristband to the Domaine le Pommier reception. My wristband is blocked and I receive a new one which is credited after checking the remaining balance.

    Step 4: Refund

    At the end of my stay, if there is any credit remaining on my wristband, I take my cashless wristband to the campsite reception and I am refunded the remaining balance. Amounts charged to holiday vouchers and restaurant vouchers are not refundable.



  • Is it possible to arrive after reception has closed?

    Yes. You simply need to contact our caretakers in high season. We then ask you to come to reception the following morning to complete the necessary paperwork.

  • Is access to the campsite private?

    Yes the Ciela Village Domaine le Pommier is monitored day and night. Only wearers of the wristband are granted access. Visitors, family and friends are permitted. They must leave their identity card at reception or with the caretaker when visiting and leave the campsite before midnight. They do not have access to the water park. 

  • Is the permanent wristband compulsory?

    Yes! You must wear the wristband. You will be given your wristband on arrival and it must be worn on your wrist at all times during your stay at Domaine le Pommier. If you lose it, you will be charged €10 for a new one, but you can exchange a broken or damaged or wristband free of charge.

  • What modes of public transport are available to get to the campsite?

    The Ardèche Department is a protected natural reserve (no railway or motorway), which makes it a unique and special place for your holidays. You can only get around using the road networks. We are, however, close to the TGV train station in Montélimar (30 minutes) and there is a regular bus service/bus stop next to the campsite (bus TER):

  • What is “fast check-in”?

    Fast check-in enables all our guests who have booked accommodation in the Prestige range to directly access their rental as soon as they arrive at our site, without having to go to reception first. Your keys will be given to you by the caretaker at the entrance to the campsite together with a map of the site, so you can settle in and relax without having to wait. You can then complete your registration within 24 hours by coming to reception at your convenience.

  • Are animals allowed?

    Your pets can come along too at Ciela Village Domaine le Pommier. We allow two dogs (apart from categories 1 and 2) per rental or pitch, however please note that they must be kept on a lead and have an up-to-date vaccination record. Cleaning up after them is your responsibility. You will be asked to pay a supplement per day and per animal in high season. Animals are however not allowed access to the water park. “Poo bags” are provided at various locations around the campsite.

  • Can you park your vehicle on the pitch or alongside the rental?

    Yes or near to the rental. Regarding the pitches, you must park on the pitch itself. If you bring a second vehicle, you will be asked to pay a supplement per day and this vehicle will be parked according to our availability: in one of our central car parks.

  • Until what time can you drive your car around the campsite?

    You can drive your car around the site from 6.00 a.m. until midnight. If you arrive before or after these times, parking at the entrance to the site will be provided for you.

Water park

  • Some information about Domaine Le Pommier Water Park...

    The Domaine le Pommier water park is open every day from 10.00 am to 6.30 pm in low season and from 10.00 am to 7.30 pm in high season.  As a reminder, access to our pools and slides is reserved for Le Pommier campsite customers only, no tickets are sold to customers outside the campsite.

  • What kind of swimwear is allowed at the pool?

    For swimming, only swimsuits and swimming trunks or shorts are allowed. T-shirts, vests or any other item of clothing, with the exception of swimsuits, are not permitted.

  • Are the swimming pools heated?

    The sports pool and pirate pool are heated and open all season from 10.00 a.m. until 7.00 p.m. The set point is 26°. We are equipped with heat pumps. With a few sunny days in a row, the water temperature can reach 28°. In July and August, the water temperature varies between 25° and 29°.... That is a pleasant temperature, irrespective of the air temperature.

  • What age must children be to use the slides?
    What age must children be to use the slides?

    For the “Halfpipe” and “Turbo Cyclone” slides, special rubber rings are compulsory. They are provided free-of-charge and you will find 3 different types of rings: single rings, double rings and triple rings.

  • Conditions of access

    Aqualoop: Weight between 50kg and 100Kg / Height 120 cm minimum.

    •Halfpipe: 120 cm minimum and must be 10 years of age or above / Sitting position in single ring.

    •Turbo Cyclone: children under 10 years of age must be accompanied by an adult / Minimum height 120 cm / sitting position in single or double ring.

    •Family Slide: 120 cm and 10 years of age minimum / Sitting position in single, double or triple ring.

    •Multihill-Anaconda giant slide: children under 10 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

    •Hillracer-Super Anaconda/Viper giant slide: children under 10 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

  • Can I use the Water Park and campsite on the day of my departure?

    No, departures from the campsite must be before 10.00 a.m. for logistical and organisational reasons and due to capacity. However, you can use all our facilities on the day of your arrival from 10.00 a.m.


  • Is there a kids’ club on the campsite?

    Yes our Ciela Village clubs, Z'Azou from 5 to 7 years, Z'Appeur from 8 to10 years and Z'Ados from 11 to 13 years and 14 to 17 years welcome your children for fun, recreational activities and games. Not forgetting the playgrounds, sports activities, sliding down the water slides and water games...

  • What languages is the entertainment offered in?

    The entertainment is offered in French and English and there are also entertainers available who speak French and English and/or Dutch.

  • Foam Party...

    Once a week in high season, our entertainers organise a FOAM party with a DJ, foam cannons and surprises! Swimsuits, masks and snorkels at the ready!

  • What is there to do at Ciela Village Domaine le Pommier in low season?

    Take advantage of the low season! Prices are lower, there is no hurry to reserve your mobile home or pitch and you can choose your arrival and departure days. Our water park is open every day and 2 of the 3 pools are heated. A large choice of sunbeds awaits you so you can relax and unwind in peace. Our entertainment team will devise a bespoke programme for you tailored to the needs of the whole family and our numerous partners will offer you a range of sporting, fun and cultural activities at preferential rates. Everything you need for a most enjoyable and stress-free holiday!

  • How far away is the the Gorges de l’Ardèche and Vallon Pont d’Arc?

    The Gorges de l’Ardèche is 25km from Domaine le Pommier. On arrival at the Gorges you will find discover the mythical village of Vallon Pont d’Arc and the famous Pont d’Arc. And let's not forget the caves and the Grotte Chauvet 2 : the replica of the Chauvet Cave, granted UNESCO World Heritage status.


  • Is the baby pack free-of-charge?

    In the mobile homes, the cot, highchair and baby bath are provided on request at no extra charge. You do however need to request one when you make your reservation. If you wait until you arrive to request one, it will be subject to availability. The cot does not have a mattress topper.

  • Can we rent a fridge for our pitch?

    A fridge can be rented when make your pitch reservation. The cost is €31.50 per week and the deposit is €150. NB: Extension leads and EEC plug adapters for connection to the terminal are not provided. The fridge is delivered to your pitch. If you have already rented your pitch, please contact us to ask us to add a fridge to your reservation. The fridge must be left clean.

  • Are barbecues allowed?

    Only gas barbecues and planchas are allowed... In France, a prefectoral order prohibits the use of charcoal barbecues on all campsites in the department. If you do not want to clutter up your car with a barbecue/plancha, you can rent one either by telephone, email or at reception: €4 per day. In high season, you are advised to reserve one when you make your accommodation reservation. The barbecue and/or plancha must be left clean.

  • When can we use the little train?

    The Pommier little train is a free service offered to all Domaine le Pommier residents. It runs every day from 1st July until 31sy August from 10.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m. and from 1.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.

  • Is there Wi-Fi on the campsite?

    You can access Wi-Fi throughout our campsite via the WIFIRST network. Simply connect to their website where you can pay directly by bank card. You can also pay by cash.

    Reception also sells access cards (rates available at the campsite reception and on our Cool N Camp app)

  • Is there an ATM on the campsite?

    There is no need for an automatic cash dispenser on the Ciela Village Domaine le Pommier campsite. With our cashless payment system, you can add credit to your wristband using a bank card, cheque or holiday vouchers at the campsite reception. At the water park and the “l’Exclusif” bar you can top up your cashless wristband using a bank card. You will find automatic cash dispensers in the centre of the village just 1km from the campsite.